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Tunnel Henri IV - Paris - France - 2023

"On the occasion of Paris Plages and with the approach of the Olympics, the Henri IV tunnel is transformed into a new address for Street Art. Artists Babs and Sarah Viault dress it with a monumental mural on Polynesia and climate urgency.

The Henri IV tunnel (Paris, 4th arrondissement). From July 17th to August 11th, Sarah Viault and Babs worked every night (from 10:30 pm to 7:45 am) to create a giant mural of 1,700 m² and dress the walls of the 240-meter-long tunnel. The artists were chosen by the association Urban Art Crew to highlight French Polynesia and echo the surfing events of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games which will take place in Teahupo’o (Tahiti). The unprecedented project is supported by the city of Paris and the Directorate of Cultural Affairs as part of Paris Plages."

Refer to Connaissance des Arts for more information: (In Paris, a giant Street Art work transforms a tunnel in the heart of the capital (

ONO'U - Moorea - French Polynesia - 2022

Spectacular mural created for Pacific Beachcomber by ONO'U, in collaboration with artists Ravage and Viault.

ONO'U - Vaitavatava - Papeete -Tahiti - 2022

The construction of the mural at the Vaitavatava residence, near the bus station in Papeete, has begun since Friday. 700m² are to be adorned thanks to the talent of 5 local professional artists.

This project offers a strong participatory dimension for residents, as in addition to their involvement in the residence's rehabilitation project, two young aspiring artists from Vaitavatava are participating in the creation and realization of the visuals.

This OPH project, in collaboration with Ono’u, is set to be completed by November 28, 2022.

Refer to Polynésie 1er for more information: (Ono'u brings colors to the life of Vaitavatava residents in Papeete - Polynésie la 1ère (

ONO'U - Makatea - Tuamotu - Polynésie Française - 2022

 ONO'U - " Te ao ninamu " - OPH Luine - Papeete - Tahiti 2022

The Polynesian Housing Office (OPH) and the international street art festival ONO’U are renewing their partnership again this year, introducing urban art within OPH residences.

It will depict a marine universe around a Polynesian legend, addressing a dual theme: cultural and environmental.

Unlike other works done on facades, this one will cover the entire 2000 m² of common areas, both interior and exterior, creating continuity and inviting a sort of imaginary journey.

Its creation will be the result of collaboration between 2 international artists (Insane 51 and Guido Van Helten) and 6 local artists (Sarah Viault, Ravage, Rival, Pierre Motahi, Richard Barri, Tearii Flohr), as well as 4 "budding artists" who are residents of the "Luine" residence.

A pedagogical dimension, beyond the artistic and environmental, adds to the interest of this project - hence the original and innovative aspect of this approach.

The start of the work also marks the start of the 2022 edition of the ONO’U festival, whose theme is "special oceans." Its inauguration is scheduled for Friday, May 20.

Since 2019, OPH and ONO’U have been working together to beautify social housing, promote social cohesion, and improve the quality of life for their tenants. To date, eleven buildings, including an annex of the OPH headquarters, have already been touched by the artists.

The realization of this project has been made possible thanks to the daily close work done by the Office's agents, as well as the involvement and commitment of the residents of the residence.

Refer to the OPH article for more information: (A new ONO’U mural in Papeete, in the OPH residence "Luine" | OPH)