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Originally from the Parisian metropolis and a graduate of the Fine Arts of Bordeaux, our artist is a traveler at heart, eager for discoveries and enriching encounters. It was during her four-year journey around the world that her steps led her to the magnificent islands of Tahiti, during the final stage of her voyage.

Since then, she has won the hearts of the Polynesian public with her iconic works, the artistic posters entitled "ECOLOGICAL UTOPIA." Printed with care on recycled paper and using environmentally friendly vegetable inks, these creations testify to her deep commitment to the preservation of our planet. Furthermore, a portion of the profits generated by these sales is consistently donated to local associations working for environmental causes.

An artist at heart, she is also passionate about surfing, deeply immersed in the wild beauty of the oceans. This profound connection with nature inspires her in her artistic work, where she highlights the endangered animal species that inhabit the Polynesian lands, the fenua. However, her work goes far beyond simply representing endangered animals. She seeks above all to pay tribute to the incredible natural heritage of Polynesia, through works that transport us into a floral and marine universe as vibrant as it is dazzling, where color and light blend harmoniously to awaken our senses and environmental consciousness.

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“UTOPIA DYSTOPIA”– Solo exhibition, 2023, Winkler Gallery, Tahiti, French Polynesia

“CREATIVE CLIMATE AWARDS 2023” - Group exhibition, 2023, Human Impacts Institute, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), New York City, USA

“ART HINE”- Collective exhibition, 2023, Winkler Gallery, Tahiti, French Polynesia

“ECOH” - Collective exhibition, 2022 at the ecomuseum - Te Fare Natura, Moorea, French Polynesia

“RAHUI AND SPIRIT OF THE LAGOON” Collective charity exhibition, 2019 - BAREFOOT STUDIOS – Tahiti, French Polynesia



TV : 

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Radio : 

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Video : 

ONO'U - Luine Residence OPH  2022

Henry IV Tunnel

Press : 

Une fresque street art de 240 mètres va apparaître dans un tunnel à Paris (

À Paris, une œuvre géante de Street Art métamorphose un tunnel au cœur de la capitale (

Une oeuvre XXL sur la Polynésie vient d’être installée à Paris à l'occasion des épreuves de surf des JO 2024 -

Street art à Paris : une œuvre monumentale sur la Polynésie réalisée dans le tunnel Henri IV -

Street art : à Paris, le tunnel Henri-IV prend à son tour des couleurs grâce aux graffeurs - Le Parisien

EN IMAGES. À Paris, une fresque monumentale réalisée à quatre mains alerte sur l'urgence climatique | Actu Paris

Sarah Viault : une œuvre au cœur de Paris pour « faire réagir et découvrir » la Polynésie - Radio1 Tahiti

240 mètres de symboles polynésiens dans un tunnel de Paris • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Une immense fresque de street art va bientôt colorer un tunnel parisien – Paris ZigZag | Insolite & Secret

Fresque monumentale du tunnel Henri IV à Paris (

Tu nous manques… (

Babs et Sarah Viault celebrent la polynesie dans le tunnel henri IV a paris (

À Paris, une fresque aux couleurs de la Polynésie pour sensibiliser sur le changement climatique - Outre-mer la 1ère (

Une fresque polynésienne de 240 mètres dans un tunnel de Paris (

Podcast :
 ▶ Visite guidée du Tunnel Henri IV - Urban Art Podcast | podCloud

Video :
Paris plage: une fresque aux couleurs de la Polynésie - YouTube

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